1 Spot Left. 12 Team Startup Dynasty, TE Premium & Superflex $100

25 roster spots, FAAB Waivers, taxi squad 2 IRs, 0.5 ppr, NO DEF AND NO KICKERS, Auction Draft this Tuesday Aug 28 at 7pm PST. Email me at ihmills7@gmail.com going to be a great league!

When is the league fee due and what platform are you drafting om

Drafting on ESPN with Auction however, using Fleaflicker to run the league due to supporting the rules. Also League fee is due Tuesday by noon.

Also half the league buyin goes into a bank to insure that teams keep playing, first team who gets back to back wins or 2 out of 3 will earn the bank and we will refill and redraft.

Ok so it’s an empire league then?

Yes it is, in reality our league is extremely fluid and just wants great players. If you want to play but would rather getting half the bank each year, and having it build that way, we have discussed it. We are most focused on quality of play rather than dynasty empire vs not empire.

How is the money handled again?

I’m doing Leaguesafe but will move money into a CD most likely to gain interest as long as everyone approves in Leaguesafe.

I’m gonna have to bow out. Thank you