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(1 Spot Left!) New League: 8man/0.5PPR/No Kicker/2RB, 3WR/8 Bench/Drafts 8/31@10pmEST


Hello everyone,

Title says it all.
Redraft. ESPN
10 man. 4 Player playoffs
1/2 ppr
1QB 2RB 3WR 1 Flex 1 TE 1DST No Kicker
8 Bench Spots
No Trade Review

Drafts Thursday Night 8/31 @ 10pm EST (I’ll do a video of drawing the draft order to make it fun)

Reply with email for interest. We will use Group Me to talk to each other. No cost for the league but i’ll supply a little trophy to the winner :slight_smile:


I’m intested Mattfournier@gmail.com




I’m interested



I’m sending invites to you three now.

Need 5 more!


Four spots left


I’m interested if spots are still available sbarrow1989@gmail.com


sent you an invite Scott


Am I reading this right? No DST??? Cause if that’s the case, I am interested!


Oh whoops. There is still a DST. Let me know if youre still in…


I need two more for this one. Dropped it to 8 man


one spot left