(1 spots remaining) Footclan league! 2qb(superflex) 12-team 1 keeper league. If interested details will be below

-12 footclan members (looking for dedicated owners wanting to play for at least the nevt 3-5 Years)

-0.5 or 1.0ppr


-1 keeper

-FAAB waivers

-6 teams make playoffs

Will use, ESPN and groupme for this league

DM if interested

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im down for this

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Free league or money?

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Probably $10-25 but that’ll be decided when the league fills up, we’ll vote on it

I’d be interested Cisaac24@yahoo.com

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I’m down. Hit me up. Peytin23@gmail.com

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alright guys stay posted, a couple more spots to fill up and then were good to go

I’m interested pharojr@gmail.com

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@Ndorsey5 already emailed you, I’m in!

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I would like to join. Sent you a DM. Thanks

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How many more spots need to be filled?

are you sending us emails once its full?

yeah and then ill start a GroupMe so we can all be in one chat

taking emails for a few more spots, whos in

4 spots left, first to message me name, number and email get in

I’m interested please, jakespurdle77@gmail.com, 07913517673

3 spots left

down to 2 spots

Im in Lopez.frenzy7@gmail.com

down to the last spot