#1 waiver-14 team standard

Should i use #1 waiver for get Clement or keep holding?

What’s the rest of your team look like? And who would you be dropping for him?

I’m ok at RB:
M Lynch
S Michel
A Jones
R Freeman
N Chubb
D Foreman
2 starters, 2 holders/possible trades and 2 handcuffs. Decided to save the pick for later.Would have had to drop Chubb or Foreman.

How’s your receiver situation look? Looks like your RB situation is pretty good for a 14-teamer

Guessing waivers have passed but I would have held it

I started somewhat 0 rb, but adjusted after starting 1-2. currently i have
boyd, edeleman, m thomas and M jones

thanks, i decided in the end to hold. been working a lot of trades after starting slow and some bad luck at qb.