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#1 waiver claim

Do you guys think that Derrius Guice is worth the #1 waiver claim. Or should I hold out. I currently have Fournette, cmc, m sanders, Damien Williams and Lat Murray as my RBs
Full PPR

I wouldn’t use the #1 priority on Guice. It doesn’t sound like he would crack your lineup with those RBs and he’s still a question mark once he returns.

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Holding onto the #1 waiver priority at this point in the season doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I’ve never been in that situation because I constantly am putting in waiver claims throughout the season, so I’d probably put the claim in. Guice could come back and be a serviceable RB2/Flex this year, and the #1 waiver priorty is worth that to me. There’s only a few weeks left in regular season. You’d basically be holding it for a prime RB handcuff pickup in playoffs if you have solidified your spot. If your playoff spot is anything but solidified, put the claim in. I bet your team’s doing well though judging by your amazing RB core, so maybe just hold in case a major injury happens.

Are all of the handcuffs taken off the waiver already? I assume no since Guice is available. Those handcuffs when the main back go down are what you want to save that claim for I guess.

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I ended up not using it and no one claimed him so I dropped Robby Anderson for him. I will most likely wait till something big happens to use my #1 claim. I am currently 8-1 and 2nd place is 5-4 so I basically have a guaranteed bye week in the playoffs. but thanks for the advice

Would you guys rather have Guice or pick up Antonio Brown Incase he comes back next week after his resolution?

Antonio Brown went full retard on twitter today. I would guess the probability of him playing this year below 10%

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