#1 waiver priority for Robbie Anderson

Should I blow #1 waiver priority to get Robbie Anderson? My WRs are D. Adams, M. Evans, T. Lockett, and AJ Green. In a 2 FLEX league.

I’d be higher on Crowder if he’s out there but I just have a hard time trusting Anderson, maybe he’ll be a low end 2 to mid range 3 with this inspired jets offense but that’s trying to extrapolate a lot from one week.

Crowder is out there, but was looking for more of a BOOM flex option. I should maybe keep the priority and hope either Anderson or Crowder slips through the cracks then, seeing as both aren’t absolutely necessary for my team at this time?

Yea that might be the safe option in case something comes up on your roster later in the week. If you’re only looking for a boom option though Robby might be the best bet out there on the waiver for you if you dont use your priority though you might end up not using it at all and sort of wasting it (unless your league is setup different) and I’d argue that wouldn’t be a good decision either to just waste the priority. I’m looking through my waivers now and Anderson is the only boom option out there in my league currently so.

The waivers are on a continual rolling list, so I keep #1 priority every week as long as I don’t use it. I’m leaning towards keeping priority just in case I am in a dire need of a player in the future. Thanks for the advice!

Yea if your waivers work like that where you don’t lose it after getting first I’d definitely hold onto it if your team is in a decent spot currently.

I wouldn’t I think he’s to boom bust