#1 Waiver Priority - Jones Jr. - Gallman - Darrel Williams

I have the number 1 waiver priority - do I burn it on Marvin Jones Jr. or Wayne Gallman or Darrel Williams?

Deeper 14 team league - I have running back depth and Godwin and Jeffery as my WRs so need WRs depth.

Guys to drop AJ Green or Miles Sanders. Do you make a move or stay put?

Anyone have any thoughts on AJ Green. bueller…bueller…bueller

I’m worried about AJ Green. He seems to be in no rush to come back. I likely still would stash based on his potential, especially if you’re doing well through 3 weeks. If 0-3, then I would consider dumping and using that spot to go into win-now mode.

we have 4 bench spots in our league - my team is 2-1

I have Godwin, Jeffery, Crowder, and AJ Green as my WRs - I think I need more WRs depth but don’t klnow if burning #1 waiver priority on Marvin Jones is worth it