#1 Waiver what to do?

I need to add to improve my team, I just don’t know if it is worth using my #1 priority on these players: Marvin Jones, Tarik, Amendola, Darkwa, or John Brown. I am weak at both WR and RB behind Michael thomas and Lev Bell. I took a gamble last week w the #2 priority and missed on the player I was waiting on and in the process missed out on everyone else like AP and Mckinnon so I’m kind of bummed out.

Out of those I like Amendola and Darkwa. Reason for Amendola is Brady cause he is great and I have Gronk and I think eventually he will go down again and if that happens, that’s good for Amendola. I would look for a multiplayer trade though too. If you’re number one on waiver then I’m assuming your team is struggling. Trade a couple for one good one and it’ll give you the open spot for a matchup waiver pickup


Completely agree with @NoSleeveNation. I think Darkwa will end up being the workhorse.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ve been leaning Amendola, but its a tough decision between him and darkwa. I’m operating on the premise that Bell basically has the production of 2 RB now that hes hit his stride. I’ve tried so many trades but kept getting garbage counters. Basically giving up Bell or Thomas for nothing, so I’ve given up on trades for now and will try to solidify through waivers. I’m 3-3 in 6th place, but could easily be 5-1, but I made some bad choices in starts two weeks. My losses havent been by much, and luckily I havent had an injury on my team.

I’m not using my #1 priority on any of those guys if it’s me. I don’t think Darkwa holds up, so I’d take my chances on the scraps this week and hang on to that top spot for another week.

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