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#1 wavier wire spot worth using on Yeldon?


Is it worth spending my #1 wavier wire position on yeldon? I’ve been holding on to the spot, is this the time to use it?


I think it is. Similar situation, I’ve had the top spot for 2 weeks now. Fournette will miss a couple weeks and Yeldon has shown he is the guy in the backfield when Fournette is out


Yeah I would add him if available, especially if you can put him in your lineup


I’ve been waiting for a season ending injury to get max value for that #1 pick but yeldon should produce so I’m thinking it might be worth it? Also fournett’s injury could linger on and off through the year so might be value later on as well?


Yeah it sounds like it is going to, even if he is back they will be careful and use yeldon enough to make him relevant. Also, if you are going to use your priority you might want to put in a 2nd claim while you’re at it. I.e. look ahead for next week or two if you have some QB/TE/K/DEF bye’s. I feel that its better to move to the back all at once than to never be at the top again.


Much appreciated!