1 WR, 1 Flex Needed (Thurs. Game Included) - Full PPR

WR – Mike Williams, C. Samuel (already starting Julio and Godwin)

Flex – whichever WRs not chosen from above, plus Jared Cook and Justin Jackson

Also have the options to pick up either Hardman or McLaurin at WR, plus Gio, Peterson or Mostert at RB.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Williams for sure, then I’d probably go Cook or McLaurin in the flex.

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Thanks, I would normally think Mike Williams was a no-brainer but I’m worried he’s losing targets now that Henry is healthy. I know it’s just one game but still…

WR: Williams, but monitor the knee injury
Flex: Jackson, but if Mixon’s condition goes south, hard pivot to Gio

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Thank you, Williams does seem to be the consensus, and Mixon not going would certainly cement things for me.

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Either way, it seems to be the choice to not play Samuel and to make sure he’s on the bench before tomorrow’s game.