10 Keeper Help

.5 PPR, 10 keeper, Superflex, Multiple IDP

QB: Trubisky
QB: Mayfield
RB: Kamara
RB: Guice
WR: Green
WR: A. Miller
TE: Henry
IDP: R. Smith
IDP: Adams

Need to choose between RB: Samuels, WR: Coutee, WR: Ross, TE: Andrews.

I’m leaning towards Samuels but Coutee is interesting as well. Any help/advice is appreciated!

I would keep Coutee over everyone you’re considering and Anthony Miller; so, I think your decision comes down to Samuels vs Miller vs Ross (dark horse)

Samuels could be nothing based on Pit’s history but hes a good pass catcher on a team with a massive pass catching void to fill and they hired his college RB coach.

Miller is very talented but on a run first/ball control offense where he is the 2nd or 3rd option.

Ross has the pedigree to be a stud and is a TD magnet when he actually plays; plus AJ Green is dinged up and they finally got rid of Marvin Lewis.

When do you need to make a decision by? I think all of these guys are a blind dart throw until you see the NFL draft, OTAs, and preseason usage.