10 keeper league, rate my offseason moves

12man 10-keeper 1/2 PPR league. 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 Flex and we keep players for the original round. Waiver wire pickups are kept for a last round pick (kinda stupid i know). Won the title first year and my keeper options at the end of season looked like this:

AJ Green (1), Michael Thomas (2), Rob Gronkowski (3), Keenan Allen (4), Kareem Hunt (8), Matthew Stafford (9), Kirk Cousins (13), Julian Edelman (14) and Devante Parker, Randall Cobb, Sterling Shepard, Trey Burton all for a 17th pick.

That’s too many players with value and i can only keep 10 so i decided to make a couple trades in order to consolidate the value i had. In addition i had the 2.1 draft pick from a trade earlier in the season. In our league that is the 3rd overall pick (since 2 people won’t be keeping their 1st round choices).

Originally i traded away Gronk (3) and Stafford (9) to get Joe Mixon (3). Gronk is a beast and a difference maker, but i’m quite scared of his injuries and all the stories about him retiring sooner rather than later. Also an injury to Brady could really harm his potential. Stafford is a solid value at the 9th round, but i have Kirk already and QB’s don’t mean all that much in non-Superflex. Mixon on the other hand has great potential, is young and i definately need a second good RB option besides Kareem.

Second trade was the 2.1 pick (3rd overall) and Devante Parker (17) for Zach Ertz (8). I don’t really believe in Parker but his stock is way up right now with Landry leaving. The 2.1 pick could give me a Rashaad Penny or Darius Guice but next year i would have to decide between him and Michael Thomas on who to keep with my 2nd round pick. On the other hand Ertz gives me an elite option at TE, replaces Gronk and despite the lower ceiling has a much more stable situation. Plus i get to keep him for a mere 8th round pick from now on.

So after the moves my keepers look like this:
AJ Green (1), Michael Thomas (2). Joe Mixon (3), Keenan Allen (4), Kareem Hunt (8), Zach Ertz (8), Kirk Cousins (13), Julian Edelman (14), Randall Cobb (17). Sterling Shepard (17)

How do you guys think i did? Fire away!

How are you allowed to keep multiple players with the same round value?

Personally, I would have kept the 2.1 pick and grabbed Penny or Guice. I would rather have Penny/Guice + Gronk rather than Mixon + Ertz. Gronk is a beast and has the potential of giving you double digit TDs. He does have the potential to miss games, but you also had Trey Burton to plug in if he did. I like Ertz, but last year was career high for TDs with 8, the previous 4 seasons he had 4, 3, 2 and 4 TDs. They also drafted Dallas Goedert in the 2nd round who could steal a couple TDs away, Trey Burton had 5 TDs last year. I also would have kept Parker. I think he would have a somewhat solid year this year with Tannehill back and Landry gone.

That being said, if you like it that is all that matters. None of the trades were bad trades, pretty fair all around. Ertz is a very talented TE, hopefully he can get double digit TDs this year, and Mixon is a talented young RB, hopefully Marvin Lewis gets out of the way and just lets him run.

We can’t keep multiple players for the same round. You either have to acquire a second draft pick for the same round or use one of the next highest round. For example in order to keep both Hunt and Ertz i’ll be using an extra 8th i have acquired, but in order to keep Cobb + Shepard i’ll be using rounds 16+17.

For starters thanx for the input, it’s much appreciated. Penny or Guice would have been nice this year, but i’d have to either acquire an extra 2nd to keep them (and every year thereafter) or i’d have to trade them away to someone with a hole in their 2nd round.

Ertz had a great season with Burton there, so Goedert doesn’t really scare me. Rookie TE’s rarely make an impact in the NFL, let alone in fantasy as the footballers always say. This was mostly a move to fill the gap that opened in my roster with the Gronk trade. I feel safer having a top3 TE and i might even keep Burton as a backup if i can justify the spot over Cobb or Shepard (kinda hard tbh).

As for Parker, he seems to always have his stock shoot up during the offseason despite lackluster production during the year. This year i get the hype is more real with Tannehill back and Landry leaving, but i prefered to cash out now on his value, rather than take the risk.

I do admit that both trades were slightly against me in terms of value, but that’s the price i had to pay to consolidate my assets. If this was a pure dynasty league things would be different, but here the 10 player limit is indeed…limiting