10-keepers league trade options

12 man half PPR league, we keep players for their initial round and last round for waiver pickups.
Got Gronk in the 3rd and I’m looking to move him.

Gronk (3) + Shepard (17) + Cobb (17) for Gurley (2)
Gronk (3) + Shepard (17) for McKinnon (17)

First case I’m getting a top RB for a descent value round, second case I’m getting a solid RB with upside for an amazing value round.

What do you guys think? Should I even try to move Gronk or try for back to back championships and risk losing his value if he retires next year?

im taking gurley. as good as everyone, myself included, think mckinnon will be, we also really dont know. there have been a lot of changes with san fran. and changes make it so much harder to figure out players like this. while gurley, we know exactly what his role will be. there is no question about it. he is still young and on a young an budding team. so if you can make the gurley trade happen, do it. i dont think you wil though. thats pretty cheap for gurley.

I would definitely take gurley. Only adding randall cobb and going from McKinnon to gurley is a huge upgrade between the two offers

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The extra cost of Cobb sure isn’t a lot…but you also have to consider the future here. By taking Gurley i get to keep him for a 2nd rounder the rest of the way…but McKinnon will be basically for free as a 17th rounder.
That being said it’s always great to grab a top RB like Gurley…even if the value on the other side is really tempting.