10 man .5 ppr 8th pick

Dont love this draft either but it turned out alright I think. Punted the QB until the end

N. Harris
D. Adams
D. johnson
TJ. Hock
SF Def

Bench Mostert, Claypool, Deebo, Michael Thomas, J. Meyers, Ty’son Williams and Trey Lance as the last pick in a deep bench

Hopefully Montgomery wasnt a wasted pick and didnt realize I went with 3 Pitts(Harris, Diontae, Claypool) so Claypool will hopefully become part of a trade

Solid depth at RB and WR though so that feels good maybe another RB if I can get one

Yeah i think that squad is more than solid, Tannehill should be absolutely fine especially with the addition of Julio.

Like you said, probably not ideal to have 3 Pitt players but if you can trade either Johnson or Claypool for someone of similar value i think you’re fine. I also don’t think you especially need an RB either, you have 4 very quality starters, so i would just take the best offer you can get for either of those WR’s.

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