10 man dynasty league

I’ve been trying to join a dynasty league but have had no such luck. So I’m trying to get a 10 man league going on sleeper. Hoping to fill the league than we’ll vote on rules, how many for roster positions etc. Let me know. Currently 7 people in the league

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Yeah man I’m keen, I’ve got myself and one more that are keen but aren’t having much luck with leagues filling up matthenderson83@gmail.com

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I have three leagues that will need replacements; they are all free and they are all themed

Star Wars

Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones

Waiting on owners to verify now

would love to join, shoot me an email. Max_belair@hotmail.com

I’m interested in joining your league been managing FF for years but never dynasty. Looking forward to the opportunity. My email is anthony.jstanley@gmail.com


I’m interested in joining an additional dynasty league (I’m in one right now but would like to join a second as long as it is free to play). If you are still in need of a replacement in one of your themed leagues, email me at pastortravisjackson@gmail.com

Interested shoot me email aconnolly2002@yahoo.com