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10 man Dynasty Roster size

Im looking to start a Dynasty 10 man .5 ppr. Ive heard the recommended roster sizes on the podcast, but cant remember what the guys suggested. anyone have some advice on this?


10-12 team is ideal 10 team tends to be alot easier feels like everyone’s team is stacked, but sometimes some teams more than others. I prefer 12 team myself it’s the perfect size to where teams are not ridiculous and waivers aren’t completely dry.

Awesome, gonna go with 12 man league, how many bench spots do you go with? Im thinking a 22 man roster from what ive read

22 -25 is a good minimum for dynasty. It really depends on how many starters you have,bench spots you want, and if you are using taxi squads. I’ve seen anywhere from 20-40 roster spots. Just be confident and creative. It’s your show to run as long as it isnt ridiculous, people will play.

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