10 man keeper at ADP - 1 round. 2nd overall pick

I have the 2nd overall pick. I cant keep Lev Bell because I kept him last year. (Good chance I can redraft him at 1.2 as my stud RB1.

Your keeper goes 1 round later than their ADP.

Do you want Kareem as your second rounder at 2.8 or do you like keeping Julio at 3.2?

1ppr for WR. .5ppr for RB.

I think the play is Hunt at 2.8 and build my team around Bell/Hunt for a second straight year. (if bell goes 1.1 sub gurley/zeke/kamara)

Plenty of value at wr in 4th and 5th so safe to go RB at 3.2 too.

Yeah… Def hunt at 2.8 and draft 1 of the top 4 RB at 1.2

Should set you up nicely…

JJ. This isn’t even close. JJ is in a different tier. Getting Bell at 1.2 and getting a 2nd rounder and still getting JJ is insane.

I’m going Julio. Julio for a 3rd is ridiculous. He’s an elite top 3-4 WR. I love Hunt, but the value for Julio is insane