10 man Keeper League Trade offer

Hey Footclan, im an Aussie and new to the podcast and footclan and would really appreciate some advice.

10 man 2QB, we keep 10 players so the draft is a mix of rookies and FAs

I give: Julio Jones

I get: Tyreek Hill and 3.05

My current keepers
QB: Rodgers, Big Ben, Mahomes
RB: Bell, Kamara, Freeman and Mixon
WR: Hopkins, Julio, Allen

Players that were drafted in the 3rd round last year: Adams, Pryor, Edelman, AD, Crabtree, Perine, Abdullah, Deshaun Watson, Parker.

Thanks for any help.

You start 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex, TE… ? I like Tyreek, but I feel like you could get a little more. The 3.05 just doesn’t get my very excited. The 3.05 will be a flier not anyone locked in. Could be big. I don’t see you needing to move Julio.

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Yeah mate thats our league set up. I was trying to get a 2nd off him (have no 1st or 3rd) but he countered with a 3rd. Thanks for the advice

Yeah I would keep Julio, he’s a game winner with the rest of your lineup I’m not sure you’d start Hill/any of those other 3rd round picks.

For me Hill/Allen/Freeman would be filling WR/FLEX roles based on matchup, so even if you nailed your 3rd round pick and got Adams, he’d probably be on the bench

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he knows damn well that julio is worth more than tyreek the freak and a 3rd. that counter offer is to get more value. so this is snake right? in a 10 man thats 10 spots going from 3.05 to 2.05 right? just want to make sure cause thats a lot of value you give him. the real problem is in the end, thats like trading julio for tyreek and the 13.05 or 12.05. 10 man keeper messes with the value like that. so the real end question is, would you even trade julio for tyreek and the 11.05? me, i say hell no. unless there is someone you see and value thinking you can get them, and you value tyreek at an equal to slightly lower level of julio. thats the only way i say yes. or if you are rebuilding your keepers for youth. there are reasons to say yes, but for the most part. its a very stern no from me.

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sorry, i forgot about rookies so the value isnt TOTALLY screwed. but the 2.05 and 3.05 are still lower rookie picks. unless no one picks up rookies in the first 2 rounds which i would be stunned by.

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Thanks for all your help guys. We are all new to this i dont think hes tryna rob me. The guys in the league last year highly under valued rookies, that’s part of the reason i am trying to get picks, but everyone seems to be going after picks this year. They might have caught on after the rookie RBs did so well.

I was worried at bit that Julio might be dropping off. But it seems ive under valued him. Thanks for helping me out lads

He now wants to do the trade for the 2nd rounder, so he mighta been tryna rip me off haha. After talking to you guys i dont think I’ll do that either even though i offered it to him originally

hey glad we could help! i do find it funny that i was right though haha. had a gut feeling he would stick with the 2.05.