10 man keeper league

Hey everyone, I’m in a dynasty/keeper league where playoff teams can keep up to 10 players and non-playoff teams can keep up to their whole roster (17). I brought home a #FootClanTitle last year but am struggling with my final keepers. I can keep 10.

Auto Keepers:
Michael Thomas
AJ Green

Melvin Gordon
David Johnson
Dalvin Cook
Derrick Henry

Decision time, I can keep 2 of the following:
Kenyan Drake
Sammy Watkins
Josh Doctson
Marlon Mack

I was leaning towards Drake and Watkins or Dez depending on where they end up.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Well you already seem to have solid RBs. So I would take KD to see if he can add depth to your bench and possibly as a trading asset, and then I would see where Sammy ends up. Doctson could blow up, but Washington routinely screws things up so I am not confident about it. Dez is done imo. Also, I’m an Eagles fan so F the Cowboys. #FlyEaglesFly

Watkins and Doctson for sure. Young dudes with plenty of upside. But honestly I think you could package Henry and Drake for another elite wideout (or QB/TE if your desperate) to someone who has RB needs. You are loaded at RB so ship off the fellas riding your bench while the hype is still real. I’m not sold on either of them long term.

Thanks for your help! I actually just made a trade. I packaged Derrick Henry, Marlon Mack, and Sammy Watkins for Mike Evans.

Well done sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Plus if Drake pans out you can keep him now! I wouldn’t hold your breath, but still! Evans will be great for many many more years. Congrats!

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