10 Man PPR Dynasty start up $25 buy in on Sleeper

Hey ballers! I’m starting a 10 man Dynasty league on Sleeper and am looking for seven more people to join up! The team makeup will be as follows:


Ten bench slots

Full PPR, and the buy in will be done through League Safe. Leave your Sleeper ID below if you’re interested!


Tylerlorenz54 is my sleeper id, interested in joining

I might be interested, no TE?

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There is a TE slot, I’ll edit my original post to cover my mistake

Sounds great, thanks. I’m new to dynasty but I’d be interested, my sleeper id is: atomicgator

Invite sent!

I’m interested, if:
we are using Leaguesafe, and depending on the waver wire rules?
jtgole93 on sleeper

Buy in will be done through League Safe. I’ll set it up so a majority rules who gets the payouts at the end of the season.

As far as the waivers, we’re doing FAAB. I’ll send you an invite if that interests you

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Sleeper ID: BeerMeWaukee

still need people?

Sleeper ID: IamChip

I’d be interested aspence22

i would join if still a spot open sleeperid:bisa

I’m interested if spots available. On sleeper @tinnquinn

Interested if there’s still space. roweca32 on sleeper

Interested if there is still availability.

Sleeper username: Chmura22

I’m interested if there’s still a spot. SweetLincolnsMullet is my name on sleeper. My email is drileysoftball@gmail.com

Sleeper id- rg1hunnid