10 man PPR trade I'm unsure of

I’ve got WR’s AB, Brandin Cooks, Landry, Watkins and Pettis.
RB’s Collins, Sony, Clement, Christian MC, AP and Devonta Freeman.

Guy wants to trade the Vikings backfield (Dal-Cook and Lat-Murray) for Collins & Freeman. I believe in Dalvin, and I’m down on Freeman, but does this improve my team?

Do you think this improves your team? I don’t like making sideway trades that much, however, I think I would lean towards Cook over Freeman. But you’re giving up 2 starting backs for 1. So, I’d say no.

id hold off. Believe Cook and Murray will both be hard to use confidently

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If Cook is better than Freeman long-term,I’m able to cut Latavious. Collins is trade fodder to me, if it gets anything stepped up. Freeman has an injury I’m worried about, and Ridley is rising. I think Cook is rising, too (aka the Oline will get it together).