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General Introduction

A dynasty league mainly consists of one large team that stays the same every year. That means you can keep players on your team for years to come, so you want to keep that in mind. The league consists of 10 teams, with 10 starting roster spots. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, WRT, WRT, SF (Superflex - WRTQ). Each team will also have 12 bench spots, 3 taxi squad spots, and 3 IR spots. This is a total of 25-28 roster spots per team, meaning that ~280 players will be rostered at all times. Because of this, the waiver wire will be very thin with talent.

It is encouraged that all teams become comfortable with trading their players because a quality dynasty league is predicated on quality and quantity of trades. The goal of a dynasty league is to win every year. However, occasionally it can be smart to trade players for future picks or younger players if you don’t feel you have a chance of winning, or to trade short term assets for more long-term assets. This will allow for there always to be a supply and demand of players and picks for teams that may want to sell future picks to go “all in” one year, and teams who want to sell players to build for the future.

This economy of “rebuilding” and “competing” teams is what allows trades to be fruitful and plentiful in each dynasty league. Another facet of dynasty is that players are valued differently than redraft. An older player, like Tom Brady, is less valuable because he only has a few years left in the league. If you compare Tom to a much younger QB, who has 10 more years in the league, you can see that value difference.

A dynasty league is simultaneously more and less work than a regular redraft league. It’s more in the sense of knowing more players and focusing on more than just one season. However, it is also less work because you don’t need to play the waiver wire each week to find another starting player, as most of these players will already be rostered, and you can just work with your deep bench to field a lineup.


The league will have a $50 buy-in, which can be changed by a supermajority league vote for the coming years (8/10). For the first year, it is required that the owners pay the first 2 years buy-in ($25 each year 2021/2022) and then each subsequent year they will pay $25 for the following year. This is required because of the necessity of draft pick trading, where draft picks are applied to the future year.

Payouts will be as follows:

1st place: $125

2nd place: $75

3rd place: $50

All payouts will happen when the season ends. People can choose to have portions of their payouts go towards future league dues.

Total payout = $250 per season.

Buy-in will be done Via LeagueSafe

Trading Future Picks

You can always trade picks for years that have been paid for. So since the startup pays for the first 2 years, the following year picks (2022 picks) can be traded.

This is to ensure that for any reason if someone was to leave a team, then the person coming in to take over that team will have their most important future assets intact.

You can also trade conditional picks. (I.E. if “this” then “this”). In the case of conditional picks being traded - send the parameters of the conditional picks to the commissioner who will add them to a ledger so that they’re known. Make sure all parties clearly understand the parameters of conditional pick trading when it is done.

The Startup Draft & Rookie Draft

The Startup Draft will be a “long” snake draft. Each team will have 8 hours per pick (with the timer being paused at night 10pm Eastern, although picks will still be able to be made). This process usually takes around 10 days-2 weeks to fully complete. Because of the amount of time spent drafting, trading draft picks is encouraged. Rookies are part of the Start-up Draft.


Six teams will make the playoffs. The first five playoff spots will be determined by head-to-head record and the sixth playoff spot will be given to the team that is not currently in the playoffs that has the most points-for on the season. This incentivizes those teams that have hard matchups each week so they have more losses, but are still scoring a lot and deserve a playoff bid.

The top two teams will receive BYE weeks in week 15, where 3-6 and 4-5 will go head to head to see who plays 1 and 2 in week 16. The championship will be in week 17 of the regular season, (the NFL makes the shift to an 18 week season).


Most scoring will be the same as we’re all used to in our leagues. This will be a FULL PPR league.

QB passing TDs will be worth 6 points.

There will be a 0.5 premium for TE PPR scoring (totalling 1.5 PPR)

Scoring information will be shown in the Sleeper App under “scoring”.

Trade Vetoes

Trades will not get vetoed unless there is reasonable evidence of collusion determined by the commissioner, or if there is potentially a league altering trade where someone has accepted a trade where one side will be getting less than 1/3 of the value of the other side (determined by a third party source) a trade may be vetoed.

Obviously, the point of fantasy football is to have fun, so if you mistakenly offer a clearly incorrect trade that gets accepted, it can be reversed.

If any teams are found to have been colluding or cheating, this will usually result in being kicked out of the league and no return of league dues. This will be monitored on a case by case basis - with lenience shown to new dynasty players.

Team Name

You are required to name your team. It’s more fun that way.

Tanking & Draft Pick Order

Each team is required to start a full roster, and reasonably required to start whom they believe to be their best players each week. However, a common term used in dynasty is “tanking” for intentionally losing. This is allowed - as long as it is done correctly. The correct way to tank is to trade away productive pieces for younger upside pieces and picks. You receive equal “value”, but your current starting roster scores less points, setting you up for future success.

The draft picks for the rookie draft are awarded in a modified reverse standings. The first 6 picks will be awarded based on maximum potential points, this makes it so there is no incentive to start a suboptimal lineup, and every team at the bottom will receive a pick based on the actual quality of their team as a whole. The last 6 picks are awarded in the order the playoff teams finish, with the winner getting the last pick.

The 7th and 8th picks of the draft will be rewarded just based on the seed of the teams as they entered the playoffs. So if the 3 seed and the 5 seed teams lose in the 1st round, then the 5 seed with get pick 7 and the 3 seed with get pick 8. This is regardless of the outcome of their consolation game.


1.01 Pick in the Rookie Draft: Team that scored the least potential points & did not make the playoffs

1.02: Team that scored the 2nd least potential points & did not make the playoffs

1.03: Team that scored the 3rd least potential points & did not make the playoffs

1.04: Team that scored the 4th least potential points & did not make the playoffs

1.05: Team that had the lowest seed that lost in the 1st round of the playoffs

1.06: Team that had the second lowest seed that lost in the 1st round of the playoffs

1.07: Team that got 4th place on the season

1.08: Team that got 3rd place on the season

1.09: Team that got 2nd place on the season

1.10: Team that got 1st place on the season

This order will be the same for all subsequent rounds.

The Offseason

During the time period after the drafts and before the start of the season (May-September) we will have a $100 offseason FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget). This budget will reset at week 1 of the regular season. This is a time for teams to make trades and work on their rosters. In a dynasty league there really is no true “offseason” (although it will definitely be a little bit slower).

During the period after the season ends, and before the rookie draft waiver acquisitions will be locked (although trades can still occur). All players that are current free agents that could be of value will be available to be drafted during the rookie draft, along with eligible rookies.

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