10 spot (10 team PPR)

I’m drafting 10th in a 10 team full PPR league. I’m curious how others have had success. I always prefer to go RB + RB in the first two rounds though, at the turn, going RB + WR, WR + WR, or even Kelce + RB/WR seem in bounds. I welcome input on what others have done in this situation and what’s been successful. Also, I’m leaning to some combination of Kelce, Adams, Ekeler, Jones (depending how the draft unfolds) – would love feedback. Thanks.

The strategy that gives you the best chance of success is to take the best player you can every time you are on the clock.

If you go into the draft thinking you’re going to take a RB here and a WR there, you lower your chances of doing the thing that gives you the best chance of success.

The only thing that we know with absolute certainty is that taking a TE in the first few rounds is a grave error.