10 team 2 keeper choices

10 team .25 ppr league where we just changed 2nd flex to a superflex.
I have two keepers with cost listed next to each. Due to trades and players I was able to get last year I have no second round or 6th round picks, but an extra 5th and 7th rouhd pick.
CMC-Keeping as my first round pick.
Dalvin Cook, can’t keep due to no second round pick sadly.
Who would you choose? I’m torn everyday thinking a different choice…
Chris Carson-3rd round
DJ Moore-8th round
Allen Robinson-9th round
Kareem Hunt-12th round.

I don’t want to give up my 3rd but that would give me a really strong RB duo with lots of mid round WR’s to choose… Thinking Kareem or WR given value… Thanks for input!

DJ Moore or Allen Robinson for me. You’ve got the rock at RB so even if your other starting RB isn’t as good as Carson, these two are potential top 10 WRs and it’s a huge round difference to make up for it.

hesitant on Moore despite round cost because I don’t want to rely that much on my WR1/RB1 both being on the same team… been burned each time that ends up happening in the past…

Oh duh, yeah for sure Robinson then from my perspective

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Arob for sure! He had a very quiet very great year last year, he’s playing for a contract, and if foles comes into the mix even better!

I feel the same, but after moving to Chicago not sure if I’m just in an echo chamber of everyone here loving him like I want to draft…