10 team .5 ppr $100 buy in. Trash talk encouraged, competitive/active owners only

What’s up brothers I’m starting up a redraft league and have 4 spots available. Rules are pretty self explanatory. 6 pts for TD (including QB), 10 yards=1 point RB/WR, 25 yards=1 point QB, 5 bench spots + 1 IR, Reg season= weeks 1-13, Playoffs=14-16 with 6 teams making it seeds #1,2 receive a first round bye. League will be using leaguesafe for payment. The website/app does charge a 4% fee so the total will be $104.00 for this league. Payout is massive! Winner receives $900 while runner up receives $100. Also, after we have 10 owners we will be casting a few votes for this year. Including waivers and league communication. Let me know guys/girls, super excited for the season to start.

EMAIL: Pats.jay36@gmail.com

Spots still available?