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10 team .5 PPR 3 Keeper League looking for 1 owner. Start-up


Currently we have 9 players for our league. Right now we have the league set at 10 teams max but we may change it if there is interest. We are located in Canada (central time) but anyone can join as long as you participate.
What we are looking for: participation and enthusiasm. An Ability to write well would also be an asset since we like to do league stories. I have been previously been doing them myself in a separate redraft league but it is a time commitment. So I need another owner if we want to keep up a separate site for this league. If you like debating and analyzing fantasy football this would also be an asset. We are going to be drafting on NFL.com and moving the team over to ESPN, this is a start up draft. The roster and rules are basically a copy of the Foot Clan preferred league. We are yet to decide on the buy in but the deadline for voting on this is Aug 1st. The buy in will be either $50 or $75 CAD. You must be willing to sit on the board for the league and help make decisions about the league and its future, it isn’t that big of a time commitment. Most people in the league are in their mid 20s but it ranges from 19-29. The Draft is set for August 27 -10 am central. If your interested and love fantasy football as much as the FFballers do feel free to ask questions. I will answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the grammatical errors, its Saturday. :grin:


this looks awesome. ptjeff99@yahoo.com is my addy. Thanks! Jeff