10 team .5ppr keeper

10 team .5ppr redraft. I get 1 keeper, so who would YOU choose? I have the 7th pick so a short wait around the 1/2 turn.

CMC - 1st round
Kittle - 2nd round
Cooper - 5th round
McLauren - 6th round
Metcalf - 8th round
Herbert - 10th round
Swift - 10th round

My gut says CMC since I really didn’t get to use him last year and 1.07 is still a bargain on him.

Let me know! Thanks y’all!!

I’d go Metcalf. His current ADP is the second round, so getting him in the 8th is a huge deal. The way I see it, if you took cmc in the first you could have cmc, Metcalf, and Courtland Sutton with your 1,2, 8. Keep Metcalf in the 8th and you could have zeke, hopkins, and metcalf with the same picks. I’d take the second team every time