10 Team Bring a Friend Dynasty Startup

15 plus year redraft league mates (6) looking for dedicated players to join a dynasty league. NOT LOOKING FOR DYNASTY VETS.

Looking to fill 4 spots in a last minute dynasty startup.

10 team
3wrt flex
1qwrt flex

Must join with a friend (someone you have known for 5 plus years). Looking for people that have played redraft and want to try a dynasty league. NOT looking to add dynasty veterans.

Will be a free league the first year. Then we can gauge interest.

If you are interested. Message me with how you fit the league.

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Definitely interested! Just did my first ever dynasty draft the other day and would love to get in a second one. When you say join with a friend, do you mean co-owner or as in bring a second team? Would you be open to buy in on the first year? Also how many bench spots?

Your friend would have a separate team.

25 roster spots4 taxi squad spots (3 or fewer years)

I dont have a friend to join with. If you change your mind on that, I would love to join!

Played multiple leagues over the years. 3 leagues last year. Would love to try a dynasty league for a change.