10-team draft pick trade - #4 overall

I have the #4 overall pick (Zeke or DJ, AB/Bell/Gurley will be the ones gone) in my 10-team .5-ppr league. Another team has offered me his 2, 4, and 10 round picks for my #4 overall. (I would give him my last two round picks to even it out.)

Instead of picking 4/17/24/37/44, my first rounds would instead look like 16/17/24/36/37/44. The nice thing is that it is on Yahoo!, Fournette is ranked 21 and there is a great chance I could snag him at 16. Essentially it’s a trade of Zeke for Fournette (or a slightly lower RB, e.g. Dalvin Cook), Doug Baldwin/Joe Mixon/someone in there, and a 10th of say Kelvin Benjamin/Jordan Reed/Tarik Cohen. Obviously I don’t know my picks but just throwing some names out there to give it perspective.

We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. 7 player bench

Thoughts? I wouldn’t be “Saddling A Stud,” but I trust my ability to draft well and create a great team regardless. Is it as good of a value as it seems?

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Thanks for the input on my thread. I get caught up in these type of trades a lot, because I too am confident in developing a great team. However, I usually allow myself to be talked out of it by other footclan members. In redraft, Ive been told a second, third and fifth isnt uncalled for when asking for return on a high first. I try to go by this standard. If a proposal comes along similar to this I would consider but IMO I think youre selling yourself short. I wouldnt do it. Hope this helps!

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Cool man, I appreciate the feedback! That’s what I wasn’t sure of, what fair market value would be. I’m trying to picture if it was post-draft, would I do that trade with those hypothetical players for a Zeke or DJ? That’s what I’m trying to ask myself but it’s really hard to gauge essentially a 3-for-1.

Any other thoughts, #FootClan?