10 team draft PPR . Im pick 10, who to I draft? Draft is in 18 minutes

Im pick 10 on a 10 team PPR snake draft. Who do I pick back to back? Draft will be at 5:30pm CDT today, in about 18 minutes from now.

Freeman/Gordon at pick 10 is good and on the turn take the other if possible and stack up on possession WR in the 3rd/4th who will get you a ton of catches. I feel like you have to play it much safer drafting from either end because 18 players will be gone between when you pick. So if you reach you’re reaching much higher than the rest of the group. I’d play it safe and try and go RB/RB in 1/2 then in 3/4 try and grab Pryor / K. Allen / G. Tate.

Dude, do you have the Ultimate Draft Kit? If not, get and use the PPR cheat sheet (it has tiers). Then take the best RB or WR available. It is not outside the realm of possibility that one of the better players fall, but you are looking at players like Jordy, AJ, Evans, Freeman, Ajayi, Howard, or Thomas all being there. My advice is to take Freeman and a top WR of that group. If Freeman is gone, take Howard.

If you start with Devonta and Jordy … well done.

I have the ultimate kit cheat sheet ready, its the 1st time im trying it. I will be updating what I get every round on here. SO heads up!

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Yeah I think I will go RB,RB as well. This shoul dbe fun, it starts in 3 minutes. Ill keep you posted on here how it went.

Good luck!

Round 1 D. Freeman
Round 2. Melvin Gordon
Round 3. C.McCaffrey
Round 4. D. Hopkins
Round 5.J. Crowder
Round 6. S. Diggs
Round 7. T. Eifert
Round 8. D. Prescott
Round 9.D. Moncrief
Round 10. Mark Ingram
Round 11. T. West
Round 12. C. Beasley
Round 13. Derek Carr
Round 14. Rishard Matthews
Round 15. Rams
Round 16. Matt Prater

Never done online drafting and its alot hard than live draft. The autopicks go so damn fast , its hard to keep track whos taken or not.

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Solid team

I really think that an RB/WR startwould have given you a better team. Which WRs were available there?

To be honest, I dont remember, it was my 1st time doing an online drafting. I was NOT aware it would autopick if you didnt click disable autopick every round, i was looking for all the players that were gone and it was only 1 minute to pick, alot of the people where set as autopick and it was hard to keep track with my cheat sheet. Not doing an only draft again lol. Glad this was only for $25 buy in. This upcoming weekend i have the 12 team half point standard league for $150 buy in. Then the next day a $50 10 team standard league.