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10 Team Dynasty Start - league full

Must be a footclan member for more than 3 years. We are not interested in someone to draft and orphan the team.

10 Team dynasty start up using sleeper app. Have spots open for committed footclan members. PPR scoring. Currently 1QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex, 1 Def but will vote on any change recommendations before the draft.

“Draftbust” on sleeper or send me your sleeper ID.

Footclan member for 2 years here May 2018), if available.
Sleeper: @IKSRTFO

I sent an invite in the sleeper app

Spots still open

I’d like to join your league. I’m very committed and always active. I’m M1keb on Sleeper. Hope to get an invite.

Only 3 spots left to fill!

Don’t miss out!

2 spots open … “draftbust” on sleeper

AppleJackez is my sleeper name

I typed in Draftbust on sleeper and it didn’t pop up. I sent a message to M1keb tho. Hope it was the right person lol

If you have a spot open I’d love to join. I’m always active and would love to join a dynasty startup.
Jgbeadles on sleeper.