10 team dynasty start up, ppr and 1 sf

Looking for 4 more teams, possibly 5. Free league unless everyone can agree to putting in money. Through sleeper
1 Qb
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Super flex
1 Defense
12 bench
2 IR

I’d be down! Sleeper is Tshrum

I’d join! This would be my first time doing dynasty so I’d prefer to start with on buy in (if that works)

This is my first dynasty as well. I would do a buy in, just so we can have more of a commitment from everyone but I know a couple of people who rather not pay if they don’t have too. If everyone can agree on paying something, then I’m happy to add a buy in

I am interested. Sleeper id is mrryanwallace

I would be interested. @jmillerunr on sleeper

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