10 team - Dynasty Trade - thoughts?

i have 2 offers on the table, let me know your thoughts. current roster is:
Thomas, Julio, Godwin, Evans, Hardman
Chubb, Gurley, Godron, Conners, Lindsay

  • give Gurley / get Kupp (or Locket)

  • give Evans + 1.08 + 3.08 / get Hill + 1.10 + 4.10

Clearly need RB help as I have lots of ??? and risk


Yeah I’d be looking to move Gurley. I’m unsure of Kupp though but as you said you need solid RBs, not another wide.
The Evans trade doesn’t seem too bad if you think Godwin is the one to hold on to.

What about a package deal - Gurley and Evans for a decent RB? Can’t imagine Jacobs is on the table in a dynasty, but how do you feel about Mixon?

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I ended up with Kupp + pick 60 for Gurley + 68 … may lose this in the short term, but working on a Julio or Evans / RB trade. to be continued…

I like the Gurley swap for Kupp. I would honestly look at moving Evans moreso than Julio because you already have Godwin. Ya know, Evans and Godwin are both great, but only one can get points per play so it’s not beneficial to have them both (in my eyes). If you could trade Evans for a back end RB1 + 2nd or something like that, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

I’d try to sell Evans on what he can be with a competent QB throwing the ball. Plus what he HAS been with Jameis. I think you could target someone like Drake and a future (2021) pick. If you like the upside you could also target someone like Guice or Montgomery, (I might be higher than some on both of them)

I hear you on Evans, problem is my league (as do many) see his value depressed w Brady vs Winston. I acquired Godwin in the off season (pre-Brady).

I like the idea of Evans for a RB12-18 + a pick … guy who has Ekeler for ex is VERY WR needy, leaning on him as well as the Singletary owner

Understandable, but Brady has never had a weapon the size of Evans. His arm isn’t everything it use to be, but Brady is smart enough to throw Evans open. 1000 yard years in every season is amazing. If you can’t sell him, let him have a good game or two with Brady then ship him off.