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10 team ESPN league looking for 5 more players -free


Posting here because I’m new to the footballers. Not a patron yet. I’m starting a redraft ESPN league for fun with 5 other people, and we are looking for 5 more committed owners. I thought I’d have more luck with that here than opening it up on ESPN. The draft is at 2pm eastern time tomorrow (sun 3rd)
Standard scoring, 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1flex, dt,k. 6bench +ir ( 5rb roster limit.). 6 playoff teams 2byes ends wk16
Fyi most of us live in Europe, so expats and Europeans are welcome.
Email me or post and I’ll send an invite if you’re interested. Marklouismccloud@gmail.com


I’m always up for a fun league. I sent you an email.


Email sent! Hope you still have a spot.


ok ill play. send me an invite.


I’m in! Juanfuego1@gmail.com


Great! Thanks for joining. I sent you an invite.

  • Mark


I’m interested too if there’s still room. Nahpster88@gmail.com