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10 Team ESPN PPR w/Keepers - Free!


A just for fun 10 team PPR on ESPN, standard rosters (though I am willing to make it 2QB or IDP if league members want to do that), standard scoring, 2 keepers starting next year, will be using GroupMe for League chat to decide on draft date and time so you MUST have GroupMe. DM or reply if interested.

Edit: If everyone’s interested, winner each year becomes the following year’s commish, I’d be interested to get some sort of league trophy (and of course a loser’s trophy type item as well) to send around from year to year.


I’m in!!



I’ll send you an invite. How many leagues does that put you in now tomcat? I swear I see you in every post.


I’m always trying haha but a lot of them I’m going for the last spot and miss out


I’m interested - brayden.king34@gmail.com


I’m interested too! ryanman04@yahoo.com


Invites sent, as well as groupme invites. Please join groupme if you havent yet.


Still have 6 spots left


5 spots left


Down to 4 spots left now!


I’m interested! curmic98@yahoo.com


We’ve got 10 now, but a couple have responded and if one mores interested we may expand to twelve. If a spot opens you’ll be the first to know!


Interested if y’all wanna do a 12-man league


The league is full with 12 teams, if anyone drops out I will send invites in the order I see them.


Sent you invites a while ago. Are you going to join?


Still got one spot left


Interested. Jason_mnffl@hotmail.com


Interested. Richardm771@gmail.com