10 team ESPN PPR

Looking for some people to join my 10 team PPR league, competitive and active!

i’ll join!

Alright sweet! Just going to wait and see if more people will join!

Is it a free league?

Yes, and no prizes for first place just a fun free league

Ill join, but am not state side so need to know drafting times etc I guess

Alright sounds good, so far if we count all of us we only have 4 so try and stay connected in this chat so we can see if we can actually have a league

Sounds good

I’ll join sleeper Racoonaholik

Sounds good, still not sure if we will have the league for sure as we only have 5 people right now. Will keep you all updated though as there still is quite a bit of time until the season

Is this a redraft, keeper or dynasty league?

This would be a re draft every year

Cool! A friend and I are interested in joining, so you got 7 in total now.

Perfect, I can create the league soon and we can start getting people to join, maybe Saturday I’ll create it and everyone can join?

I created the league so you all can join, if we don’t get enough I guess we just won’t do it but it’s worth a try to see if we get enough. Join League from Invite

Also to make it fair I can put all of the members name on a randomizer wheel to determine draft order

Sorry for the spam, but I have it set for 8 teams right now if more people want to join I can make it 10

If you want just copy and paste the link to send to your friend

League is created the link is above in a recent comment

Link is above for the league in a recent comment, feel free to invite a friend to join if you know any