10 team free sleeper league half point

Anyone interested in joining a half point redraft league on sleeper. Free league but looking for competitive players. If filled drafting today. Let me know.

Hey man! I’m interested and up for drafting today.

My sleeper username is PeteFM

3 spots left

Also interested! Let me know!

We drafted and someone left mid draft. If you are interested taking over this team let me know.

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league filled but setting up another one. you guys still down?

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actually, I’m always down to play. feel free to send me an invites, should you make another league

GrewVea on Sleeper

You can send me a post too if youre doing another. down for money league too. I can be reached at chef.falcon@gmail.com

I’d be interested too, sleeper ID H2Ostram

H20stram you’re in this.

Any spots that still need to be filled?