10 Team, Full Point PPR, #2 Pick

So I am in a 10 team, full point PPR, keeper league. Guys like Bell, Johnson, Gurley, Zeke are all already off the board due to being kept. I have the #2 pick and I am kind of at an impasse (I think I am overthinking this to an advanced level). The #1 pick is going to end up going with either Kamara or Barkley because he is using Deandre Hopkins as his keeper. This will leave me with either Kamara vs AB or Barkley vs AB. I have Jordan Howard as my keeper, so I have to go AB at the #2, right? Regardless of which one between Barkley or Kamara falls.

I would prefer to grab one of the workhorse backs left on the board, whether that be Melvin or Saquon. I’m not really high on Kamara personally, so my choices in order would be

  1. Gordon
  2. Barkley
  3. AB
  4. Kamara

I like Howard this year, but I think he’s limited in a full PPR since he doesn’t catch the ball often. So i’m really big on locking up a solid workhorse back that catches the ball often as well.