10 Team, Half PPR, Dynasty Player Needed

Hello everyone. $50 buy-in. Payouts are 1st - $325, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $50 and 4th - $25. I’m really looking for someone to be active all year. I’ve gotten rid of all of my inactive summer players so if that’s going to be you then don’t say you want in! Our draft is May 30th and is a long draft with 1 hour picks so you can discuss trades with other teams so it’ll probably go on for a couple days at most I imagine. 25 roster spots, 3 IR spots and 4 taxi spots. Rookies only on the taxis. Every year the top 5 players get put in one division, the bottom 5 players get put in another division. The top 3 from each division make the playoffs. The tie breaker for the playoff spots is head to head record, followed by division record, followed by points scored. In the loser’s bracket if you win both your matchups you’re awarded the first pick in the rookie draft, this is to avoid tanking. The rest of the draft positions follow the same set up (ex: the player who one their first week of the loser’s bracket but lost their second week would be picking 2nd, the winner of the whole playoffs picks 10th). We use FAAB and waivers run once a day. $100 budget in the off-season and $100 budget during the season. Here’s the roster:

R. Wilson
J. Jacobs
J. Wilson
C. Beasley
AJ Brown
L. Thomas
K. Cole
A. Cooper
K. Fairbairn
Ravens DEF
C. Wentz
G. Bernard
R. Burkhead
J. Richard
J. Mixon
S. Michel
Ty Johnson
Mike Williams
J. Washington
N. Harry
G. Ward
L. Shenault
G. Kittle
M. Prater
Cowboys DEF
O. Beckham
Tyrell Williams
C. Sutton
J. Love
T. Bass


Feel free to message me or reply on here if you have any questions! :+1:t4:

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What platform are you using?

We use Sleeper

Hiya! I’d be game if you’re still looking. I’m definitely keen on a year-round league.

Great! What’s your Sleeper username?

I think it’s QC-MurderHornets.
Terrible name. Don’t ask.

If you still need someone let me know. Been wanting to join a dynasty league for a while now