10 team home league commish question

Hey foot clan! What is the best setup for a 10 team home league?
For example, how many players in starting lineup? Should we have more than 1 flex since we only have 10 teams. How many bench spots is best for a 10 team league? How many I.R. spots? I’m the commissioner and I’m new to I.R. but had recently heard that you should have at least 1? Is I.R. spot only for players who are on injured reserve or can you put a player in your I.R. spot who is ruled OUT for a week? Thanks for the help foot clan!!

There are different strokes for different folks but my personal preference.

Roster: QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,W/R,DEF.BNx6, IR (No Kicker)

  • You could always add another flex due to it only being 10 teams that’s not a horrible idea.

Scoring: Keep it simple and do .5 PPR. As commissioner you will want to get cute with all these random things you can do for points but if you do that it may ruin the league. If you want to do bonuses for games stats I recommend the following:

  • 100 yards rushing/receiving - 1 point
  • 200 yards rushing/receiving - 2 points
  • 300 yards passing - 1 point
  • 400 yards passing - 2 points

The IR spot varies based off of what site you are using. Normally, the IR spot is reserved for players designated as injured (as per NFL). The IR spot is crucial because say your stud player gets hurt week 1, so your player will be on IR until week 8. You don’t want him taking up a bench spot but you also don’t want the owner to have to drop him either. Usually the IR spot is not available for players that are ruled out for only that week. They must be players that teams have actually placed on IR.

Other items:

  • I highly recommend using FAAB for your waiver/free agency. Adds more skill to the game and eliminates the outcome of an owner not paying attention for 8 weeks sitting on #1 priority and then finally deciding to use it because someone tells them to. Also it gives everyone a more fair chance.

  • If you are new to FAAB, quick rundown. You get “x” amount of dollar (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) to start the season. My league has $150. Teams then have to place private bids on each player they want to get off of waivers. Highest bid gets the player. So you can use it all in the beginning for a stud, or sit on it and have it for the playoffs. Just adds a little more fun and thinking.

  • Make your trade deadline as early as possible to make people decide early whether they are in or out for making a run to the playoffs. You wait too late and could lead to collusion between teams.

  • 1 day trade review (league vote).

Aside from that it is pretty easy going. Best of luck!