10 Team Keeper League/Auction ($200) PPR Advice

Going into the season currently with the following options for keepers:

Michael thomas : $31 (is a 4th year keeper and according to our rules I have to keep)
Travis Kelce : $29
Tyler Boyd : $10
Mark Ingram : $17
Cooper Kupp : $17

Can only keep 3 (including Thomas), so 2 more. I am set on keeping Kelce. Would you keep Boyd, Ingram or Kupp?

And lastly, would you trade Thomas for a Deandre Hopkins who would cost $52 draft dollars (and $57 for the following year)? Or is it not worth the price when I can still land a Julio Jones/Odell on draft day.


I wouldn’t trade for Hop the value on Michael Thomas is pretty good and additional money you could land another player with will be valuable, I think I would keep Boyd because he’ll be the WR1 for the Bengals with Green out and should be a target monster for a team that’ll need to pass because they’ll be behind and he’ll preform just as good if not better when green returns

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I agree with @Shaunfrasier. I would keep Boyd, Thomas and Kelce.