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10 team keeper trade


So I got an offer. PPR 10 team 5 keeper league. I give up Lev Bell and J. Graham and get Gronk and 2 1st round picks. Ill have then for keepers OBJ, Gronk, R. Wilson, and Spencer Ware (will need to figure 5th keeper.) But this will give me 3 1st round picks total. I own the last pick in the draft as well. Meaning Ill have 4 of the top 11 picks in the draft. Any opinions on whether I should pull the trigger or not?


im guessing this is a standard snake redraft with keepers? if so this gets a bit more worth it. im still not in love with it. i wish it wasnt gronk. if it was someone else in the RB or WR world i would be able to snap accept it. the only bad part is, with 5 keepers each that means your pool of player to choose from wont be fantastic. and i really dont like keeping russel wilson. from what you are saying though its probably your only real choice. so hell, i think you kinda have to. haveing 40% of the first round basically is too valuable when your roster for keepers is as weak as it sounds.


Yeah its hard to give up Bell for sure! But I just got info that I would get 1.5 and 1.7 while owning the 1.10. It being almost the 6th round and if i could. Getting a rookie RB isn’t a stretch by any means as well which is what im thinking. I really want to but torn on giving up bell.


for me, its just safer. when was the last time bell played a full season? and with 4 picks lets say they on average score 5 less points per player each game. thats easily made up with just the sheer number of decent quality players you will pump into your lineup. i dunno im just not high on bell this year cause i dont think he makes it the whole season. call it a gut feeling its just what i think lol.


Yeah I for sure have no for sure depth. This team would be pretty good 2 season ago. Right now… Not so much. I think getting 4 of the top 11 considering it as snake draft im use to. I think itll help a lot more.


So found out finally that its a 6pt QB league and 1pt per 20 yds. So keeping a QB is kind of a thing. So those 3 1st rounders feel better and it does not snake. It is NFL style draft where I will hold the 10th pick each round.