10 team league & drafting 10th

Understanding of course you need to let the draft come to you and not stick to a rigid plan, how do you guys like to open here? I’ve run mocks again and again, normally by 10 most of the top WR’s are gone. Occasionally AJ is there and Michael Thomas always is. Facing that I find that going RB RB I tend to end up with a much deeper looking squad. Scooping up Freeman & or Murray / Gordon feels safer, the talent drop off at RB comes up quick and there is a long gap before pick #3/4 where WR remains pretty deep.

I’d try betting high on RBs with Gordon and Murray. The chargers have a much better defense and more offensive weapons that would translate in a good season for Gordon. Tennessee is a run first team that will happily put the football on Murray’s hands a ton of times. By the end of the third round/beginning of the fourth you could still find Demaryius Thomas, Baldwin and/or Crabtree that would be a perfect conplement for those two stut RBs.