10 team Mock Draft. Good or bad

Decided to hop in a 10 team mock draft. Picked 8th overall. What are your thoughts?

QB: Mahomes, Brady

RB: Mixon, Jacobs, Drake, Montgomery, M.Sanders, A.Peterson

WR: Adams, P.Campbell, R.Anderson, D.Jackson, A.Wilson

TE: Kittle

K: Butker

D: Chicago

Got Mahomes in the 5th.

What’s the scoring format? and what is the starting lineup format? Pretty key information.

Overall I don’t mind it but you paid up at QB and TE which I personally don’t love as it left your WR core looking weak outside of Adams

Standard espn scoring and roster size for the mock

Don’t like it, especially redraft leagues. 10-team you should have a better roster. There’s no point in drafting Brady here, he would be there on the waivers and hasn’t been fantasy relevant for awhile now. You spent a lot of draft capital on rookie RBs (Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders). Would have rather seen you get one rookie RB and invest more into your WRs cause Adams is your only consistent guy here. Looks like you probably reached for your defense and kicker. Which you shouldn’t pick until the last two rounds since they’re all so similar in point totals.

You have a lot of sleepers or upside players but they have a very low floor. Your starters right now look like
QB- Mahomes
RB- Mixon
RB- Jacobs
WR- Adams
WR- Anderson
TE- Kittle
FLEX- Drake
K- Butker

This roster doesn’t sound like a champ contender because you’re relying too much on rookie RBs paning out and weekly flyer WRs like Anderson/Campbell/Jackson. Mixon/Drake are playing on teams that are going to lose and play from behind in a lot of games (aka passing more. )

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I was in a 12-team PPR mock yesterday and went zero RB strat to start at pick 10
AJ Green
L Jackson

And thats a different league setup than mine. Lol but i agree on the Brady pick. Wasnt necessary. And Butker was my last pick.

I actually like the backfield. How can you knock Mixon? Bad team, yeah. Didnt stop h8m last year. Had the most yards BEFORE contact in the NFL at the back position last year i do believe. WITH that horrendous line. And being behind doesnt mean you completely abandon the run and Mixon can catch it more than he did last year. Peterson is the guy. Dont trust Guice. Drakes the guy in Miami and should get it more since Gase isnt there to ruin him. Montgomery is very Hunt like in his game with the same guy who had Hunt. He looks promising.

Campbells down field threat is what drew me to selecting him here. And same for Jackson and Anderson. Andersons clearly the #1 and i expect a huge year from Jackson back in Philly.

Mixon’s best offensive lineman retired and their rookie draft pick is on injured reserve. He is talented and if it weren’t for those blows to the line, he would be considered a first round pick for me. The thing with Mixon for me is that yes he can handle the workload, but he’s playing on a team that can’t support a running back. In games that CIN won or were close games, he performed well, but in games where they lost by more than a touchdown, he only got the ball 12-14 times in the run game. He would really have to see an increase in the passing game for me to want to take him in the first round.

Correct. Yours is a 10 team and the mock I did was a 12 team…but yet I like my team more than yours is what i’m saying and there were more picks between my picks than yours.

Your team is too much “unknown” and you’re speculating on what you’re going to get. I like having consistency on my roster and know what i’m getting out of most guys with a big potential guy here and there. for instance…

and people are comparing Metcalf to Megatron…but doesn’t make these rookies as good as them. You don’t know if Montgomery is the for sure starter yet, they could come out and say he’s not ready or doesn’t grasp the offense enough and go with Cohen/Davis combo to start the season.

They invested high draft stock in Guice, if he’s healthy and good to go, they’re going to find ways to get him on the field. Don’t forget about Thompson playing the receiving back too. This could turn into a 50/50 time share when Guice is healthy.

Not to mention that Sanders also plays on a team that currently has 8 RBs rostered.

Anderson didn’t get the receptions last season to make me want to draft him that high (50). Too many games with only 1-3 receptions with 20-40 yards. Then he will have a 3 catch 123yds and 2 TD game to skew his numbers. But he’s not consistent, most of the time you’ll be disappointed in him.