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10 team PPR - 2 keepers. Looking for serious owners! ($10 buy in?) 4 SPOTS LEFT


My friend and I have played for many years and really want to be in a full league of committed players. Right now we have it set up with full point ppr and two keepers starting next year.

We’re pretty casual but are open to a small buy in if everyone wants to put some dough on the line - (probably $20 for runner up and $80 for the champ if we did $10 each).

Everything else is pretty much standard settings - we not fans of extra bonuses. But we can discuss all settings including draft date and time once we have everyone set up.

Let me know if you’re interested by leaving your email - looking for 8 more teams!




Hey there! I’m interested for sure if it’s on Yahoo. I’m also down to throw money down. Let me know!


Id be down for that. Mjr003@hotmail.com


id be interested. let me know more nickdorsey5@yahoo.com


@Bojitto i saw u posted that u were interested in a redraft PPR


I’m interested. bachmeyer27@yahoo.com


It will be on ESPN, but you’re still welcome to join if your willing to give it a shot!


Yes please, if you still have a spot to fill, I’m at actionbarnacle@hotmail.com


If you have any more spots, let me know, I’d be interested.



I am in if you have any spots left available! Email me @ josephstoops84@gmail.com


Im in if theres any spots left! c.fiedler27@gmail.com


any spots left? seanpolosky@gmail.com


Interested if there are any spots left. @samdgheim@gmail.com


Right now I have someone for each team, but there is someone who I invited about a week ago who hasn’t joined. I just send him another invite, and if he doesn’t join by tomorrow, I’ll hook ya up.


What do keepers cost?


I’m interested! rundmac05@yahoo.com

I’m down for putting up $10. I’m a serious, active owner but I like the feel of more casual/friendly leagues rather than super competitive leagues.


No worries! Keep me posted


I would like to join