10 Team-PPR -$30 LeagueSafe - DRAFT TONIGHT! ONE SPOT LEFT!

10 Team PPR.
Snake Draft (9/1 @ 7pm est.)
Buy-In $30 on LeagueSafe. – 3 Spots Open

Message email for invite.

Looking for 3 folks to join. Currently 7 teams from within our work office.

What’s payout? Winner take all or split up

Winner take all $300.

Oooh that’s tough

$30 bucks is a cheap buy in and Winner takes all keeps folks keyed in all season.

Sending ESPN and LeagueSafe invites now.

Should I send the ESPN invite to your other email?

Interested if spots are still open. Hamrick61@gmail.com

Sending invites now.

I’m in! Looking forward to draft night

All signed up now and sent $$

We need 1 more.

Interested in learning more about this!

1 spot left open. 7 of us are from the same office, came here to find 3 more to fill the 10 man league. 2 folks joined and we need 1 more.

Draft is this Sunday night at 7pm est. Snake Draft.

$30 buy in and winner takes all.

Send an email to cobern93@gmail.com with details please!

Email sent.

If you haven’t filled that last spot yet, I’m interested! drumlay@gmail.com

One slot opened if youre interested

We had a member back out last minute.

Still looking for 1 Team Owner. $30 Buy in due asap and the draft is at 7pm.