10 Team PPR Draft Advice

Hi used to playing 12 team PPR but they changed it too 10 this year.

Just wondering how the strategy changes as a lot more players will be available it seems.

Any advice is appreciated.

For me personally, in a 10-team PPR taking an elite TE (Kelce, Waller, Kittle) early is a huge positional advantage.


Appreciate it. Thanks

Draft is now this weekend. Any other advice.

My advice is to ignore the previous advice.

Taking a TE early is a HUGE mistake in any league. It’s not that you don’t obtain the coveted “POSITIONAL ADVANTAGE”–you do–but it’s the cost to obtain it that is prohibitive.

You see, your RB1 is now of the same tier as everyone else’s RB2. Your RB2 is now of the same tier as everyone else’s RB3. Your WR1 is now of the same tier as everyone else’s WR2. Your WR2 is now of the same tier as everyone else’s WR3.

The 8-10 points per week you gained at the TE position start to look smaller and smaller with every 2-3 points per week shaved off your score at every other starting position.

Obviously who you take is going to depend on what pick you have, but there will be lots of A-list WRs to be had later; if you can scoop up something like Henry/Zeke/Jones in the first round and back them up with Najee Harris in the 2nd, CeeDee Lamb in the third, and Robert Woods in the fourth, I’d say you’re off to a pretty solid start.

Oh, and then maybe think about getting a TE like Higbee in the 7th/8th or so, but don’t stress over a TE in a 10 team league. You’ll be able to scoop up top 10 performers like C.J. Uzomah from the waiver wire well into the season.

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I don’t think you have to put down recespieces31’s down like that. We’re all here just trying to help each other out.

Now, I’ve played in a 10 team league for a couple years and what I’ve noticed is that you have more chances of grabbing better talent. In this league I stock up on RBs (especially if you’re close to the turn) and you don’t have to sweat on missing on the elite WRs as you can make up with WR depth later on. If anything- you have more talent to trade for a better TE later on (I would still prefer a late round talent or stream but if you can trade for one I would). One year I traded a a decent weapon for Mark Andrews and it was my elite RBs that carried me to a championship.

Good luck!


Agreed, although depending on how it plays out I wouldn’t mind taking Kelce with my 2nd pick if he was there. I believe Kelce would have been the WR4 last year in PPR formats.


I’d be curious to learn how you think I “put down” recespieces31. We have been asked to give advice about a strategy. I said to ignore the incorrect advice, and to use the correct advice instead, and I outlined the reasons why. There was no personal attack.

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Okay, well I read it as one. I don’t his advice is wrong- it’s just not what you would do.

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I didn’t even say him by name, I just said, “My advice is to ignore the previous advice,” so I don’t see how you took that as a personal attack.

And it’s NOT just a matter of opinion or preference; I spent a great deal of time explaining why that strategy was demonstrably inferior.


Alright man! Not gonna drag this out.

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It depends on how your draft is.

Last year I ended up with Kelce in the 3rd with A Jones and Jacobs last year. Had Bobby Trees, AJB, and picked up JJ for my core team.

Overall, I do agree with you taking a TE later is generally the better way, however you cannot say it as a absolute truth.

Kelce and Waller were such different makers, they were practically WR1’s almost every week. Those 2 were regularly scoring more than 8-10 pts in full/half PPR on a weekly basis.

Outside of getting Kelce/Waller, even Kittle, (the elite TEs) I would recommend waiting to get one like you suggested.

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With games that involve an element of chance, you can do the “right” thing every time, and still have an undesirable outcome–but it’s still the “right” thing to do. If you turn a gutshot straight draw in poker, but someone pushes all in, you should fold, rather than calling and hoping for the four-outer. Sure, sometimes your card hits and you win the pot, but gambling against the odds was still not the “right” thing to do.

Likewise, I can say that it is an absolute truth that drafting a TE early puts you behind the 8-ball at every other starting position–but you can still get yourself out of that hole by hitting on some mid- and late-round gems that outperform their ADP.

So yes, it’s an absolute truth that drafting a TE early is the “wrong” thing to do, but it’s also true that you can do the wrong thing and still end up with a favorable outcome at times. It doesn’t make the wrong thing to do the right thing to do, it just makes you lucky.

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Keep it simple and take the best players available. Give yourself a well balanced team. In 10 team there are way more opportunities to adjust throughout the year with the waiver wire.

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It honestly depends on how the draft falls. If you have the last pick i dont see anything wrong with taking kelce with one if those picks.

I actually drafted today and thats exactly what I did because i mocked that numerous times and decided to roll with it

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I would say im pretty happy with this

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Thanks everyone for the advice.

In a 10 teamer best to only draft 1 QB and 1 TE?

Last year in the 12 team I took a backup for each.


The only reason o took a backup qb is because the starter i have isn’t the best although Stafford could be really good this year with the Rams.

So with my last pick i took trey lance on the potential upside he has if he plays sooner than expected

I wouldn’t draft a backup TE personally especially if i grabbed kelce but even if o didn’t you could always stream the position

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