10 Team PPR Last Round Hail Mary... Singletary or M. Hardman

Singletary or Hardman with last round pick? Don’t need either but who’s got the better chance to breakout? I am RB heavy already and could potentially use help at WR.

I think Singletary has a much better chance to break out - Hardman is currently the 4th receiving option behind Hill, Kelce and Watkins, with a chance to break past Watkins but no chance to break past the other two. Singletary is the future of the Bills backfield, wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Shady traded away and end up in at least a 50/50 timesplit with Gore.

One last thought is that you won’t ever know if you can start Hardman or not. He’ll put up 0-3 points often, and maybe two or three games with 12-15 because of one big play. Singletary won’t ever put up complete dud weeks and can keep you afloat for bye weeks or injury fill ins.

Good insight. I was leaning hardman due to my WR need but I’m gonna hold Singletary. Thx

And shouldn’t say need, but with Evans and Woods as my top Wideouts i would feel better with some more breakout depth

Who are all of your rostered WRs?

Evans, Woods, Gordon, Sanders

RBs are: Barkley, Mixon, Jacobs, D. Montgomery, M. Sanders, L. Murray, A. Peterson, & Singletary

Couldn’t turn down some RBs due to value where I drafted them. haha

Haha dang ya you definitely have great value at RB! I’d look to package trade Miles Sanders and Emmanuel Sanders to someone weak at RB / deep at WR for an upgrade at WR possibly. Can maybe target a Chris Godwin tier WR with that… I’d also be comfortable trading Montgomery instead of M. Sanders if that’s what you need to get that trade done. Do you start two or three WRs?

Yeah RBs kept falling to me where I thought i’d pick WR.

Those trades looks legit. Probably wouldn’t target Godwin seeing as I have evans but thats a good tier to look at.

Thats the thing, we only start two WRs with a Flex. So barring injury I am really only looking to get some insurance and bi-week help. Gordan could maybe fit that mold but hes always one drug test away from suspension. I fully intend on letting Jacobs live in my flex spot.

Dang you’re so set on the starting lineup then. And honestly E. Sanders would provide great fill-in weeks for byes or injuries imo. I think you’re probably good, but if you want some WR insurance, maybe look to trade AP or Murray for Kirk or Pettis?

Last thought is you could look to package trade to get a better TE, I’d target OJ Howard. But also it’s never a bad thing to have such great RB depth.