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10 team ppr league


In a 10 team league ppr. About 7 or 8 guys show up for the first round then autopick. Would this make the draft more difficult or easier?


why? this doesn’t even make the draft fun.


My advice for you is to find a new league. If they won’t even show up for the entire draft I seriously doubt they will manage their teams for the entire season.


They play during the season cause it cost. They just dont do the draft. Except for 1st round fade in the 2nd gone by the 3rd.


Alright, well back to your initial question. What usually happens during an auto draft is the computer is basically going to pick the best player available across all positions based upon whatever website you are drafting on (yahoo, espn, ect.). So basically it will have a top 200 ranking list and just pick the best available from that. I think this helps the person who is not auto-drafting because if you use the tier based rankings per positions (as found in the Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Kit), you will almost always end up with the better values in each round and should be able to have a stronger team across the board when the draft is over.


This would make it easier. You can play the numbers game more. People like Hunt whos value is higher than his ADP for now you can get. This means if someone you like just check their roster if they have 3 wr and 1 rb you know the computer will take a rb. Also computers take qb and te earlier so you can load up on RB and Wr.


Appreciate it