10 team PPR Mixon for Godwin

Who wins this trade?

Hello !
I’m not sure what your full roster look like, but I would personally keep Mixon. He has a history of getting better as the season goes on, and I belive the Bengals offense will only get better and better and that will be great for Mixon.

With all the injuries happening. I wouldn’t trade any of my backs unless I was I was stacked.

However, Mixons schedule doesn’t look great.

If you are trading for Godwin, I agree with the others, I would keep Mixon. Mixon has his established role and I believe it will get for Mixon as Burrow gets more experience. Currently for the Bucs, Brady hasn’t really found a favorite target, so I see him spreading the ball around more equally than favoring either Godwin or Evans in this offense. Also, even though the Bucs won week 2, their offense hasnt really looked all that good.